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2002-11-10 07:50:22 (UTC)


FUN DAY!!! Caroline, Natalie, and I took a road trip to
Raleigh... We had a little detour :-) Everything worked
out for the best. We went and saw Eli, and a friend of
hers. The new Trianlge Mall is awesome. I loved the
theme in Southpoint Mall, and Crabtree Valley was cool
too. We decided to drag Eli back to Greenville with us.
He's going back Sunday.

Well anyway, after we got back to Greenville, we went to
Jhandel's party. It was cool, I wish I could've stayed
longer, but Heather was drunk and we had to go.

Oh yeah!! I've always wanted to yell "ROAD TRIP", when
going on one. I did it today!! It was cool!