Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2002-11-10 06:27:56 (UTC)

Rainin' on a Saterday night....

Yeah, it's rainin, and lightning out right now.
Grandma told me there's a tornado warning too.... which
isn't good either. Anyways, I had fun today, me, JC,
Justin, and my sister went to Walmart tonight, and I was
the one who actually drove. It was pretty much smoothe all
the way. Until I almost crashed into a police car in the
parking lot. hahaha it was my bad, I gave everyone a good
scare by accident.
But all in all, we made it home in one piece ;) I can
drive perfect when I want to.... and except when I'm not
paying attention. I bought a new, and odd rocking chair
resembling a car seat. It's cool, so I guess I spent around
60$. We came home and then watched Inuyashu, Yu Yu Hakusho,
and Cowboybebop :) Dragonballz was on yesterday, it was
cool, but I have other things to talk about than the TV
shows I watch!
My bro is making some kind of weird pants that
resemble Squalls from Final Fantasy 8. Of course, he bought
the original pair at Walmart. He's been playing Kingdom
Hearts on his PS2. It's a very adventurous game. I have
this game called Pikmin for my gamecube.... its a short
paced game, but that mother is so ADDICTING!!!! I got
hooked on it like a magnet! I've beaten it a long time ago,
but I'm glad it's finally over :) Well, the storm's twice as bad now,
and water is leaking throung my brother's window, so I'll talk to
ya's later, bye!