2001-08-14 10:25:23 (UTC)

TODAY = shit

today was a shit day!
that shit infact that i dont wanna live anymore.
im angry, annoyed and sooooo upset! for a male thats pretty
pussy, but io cant help it, and i cant turn to anyone, at
this time in my life, all my friends are backstabbing and
if i go to someone i know that they will go off and by the
next day, everyone will know! but of course, it WONT be
their fault, even though i would only tell one person.
thats when my diary comes in handy...i think that someone
here that can relate to me may be able to talk to me! i
dont know, some sort of support at this hectic and urgent
stage in my life.
i was told at around 3:23'ish...that i am not passing
english @ school..therefore, im not going to pass year
12...i dont know what im doing wrong. i hand EVERYHTING in,
i pass all my outcomes, maybe it is my lack of attendance.
i mean, god, i get stressed really easy and the last thing
i wanna do is go to my next class. i know that i MIGHT get
some feedback at about how i shouyld go to more classes,
thats when i need someone to email me that has gone through
all this, u know, so, they know what i am talking about. im
17 and im in year 12. well, i am amazed that i have come
back here and written some more, i thought i would forget
about this site like...last night, but i remembered, and i
thought all my friends are fuked and someone here might be
able to help.....

*confused* and in need of some feedback....