Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
2002-11-10 04:35:03 (UTC)

So you want to talk?

He imed me today, I refused to IM him because of my new
tangant... What is that you say? wanted to talk to
me? me on the phone...I'd rather not talk...because
I already know the hurt that'd come out of it. I have alot
of hurt but I don't think you really care, I don't think
you understand. Your not here with me anymore....your so
distant, but I predicted this before it even came to be,
and after all it is your "senior year" and who would want
to be tied down the the obligation of listening, I never
thought thats what I was to you until lately.....Maybe it
was in the back of my head, but I didn't and don't know if I do
believe it, because I still care about. I just wish you felt the

I got a message today!!! What an intelligent person he is. I don't
know him yet, but he fascinates me and I can't wait for his
response. Actually he just got online so I am off to chat

~Silent Eyes