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2002-11-10 04:12:42 (UTC)

A Snug Warm House

That was what I listed as being grateful for today. I've
stayed inside all day except to get the newspaper,to get
the mail out of the box and to feed Shep. The rain is
fierce and cold and sharp; the wind is bitter. It's not a
good day to be out and a very good one to be in. Even the
cats know it and have stayed around the fireplace and in
the bed under the quilts except for a few quick trips
outside to do what cats need to do.

I spent most of the afternoon in my quilting room marking
and cutting and sewing fabrics to make four little seven
inch rose wreaths that I'll make into a Christmas wall
hanging. I also have my patterns out and fabrics pulled to
make some Christmas blocks.

Tonight after dinner I made tea for me and John. Tonight
is very much a tea night, not a coffee or hot chocolate
night. Later we'll read in bed and cuddle and then turn
out the light and think about how so very lucky we are.