2002-11-10 03:56:21 (UTC)

November, 9/2002 AHHHHHHHHH!

Holy shiet has this weekend been bunk ass ghey! Friday
totally sucked ass..., Shauna and I went over to Nikki's
and they got into a fight, fuck it was funny...I'm not
trying to sound like a bitch or anything but seriously, it
was quite funny.
I'm sick, AGAIN, and I went to the eye doctor today, my
right eye is pretty much blind, lol, and if I get contacts
they can't be coloured because I'll only need one for my
left eye, harsh hey? Oh wellz.
My parents are out *woo hoo*, being sick is so bunk...., I
guess it's another fun filled weekend of watching porn for
a few hours, haha. Oh well, I'm honest right?
Tomorrow I'm doing something with Nikki unless it's still
fucking cold...stupid Canadian weather.
I get my new classes next week *thank God*, NO MORE CALM OR
HORT!!!!!!!! FUCKIN' EH?!?!?! Yea, you know you like it!
Anyway, not much to talk about other than that ghey stuff
so I'll c-ya.
Peace Luv Always,
Payge XXX