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2001-08-14 08:14:46 (UTC)

an honest opinion.

lilith dearest.

i come with good intentions not to condemn you but to
tell you an outsiders point of view about.. you.
things are getting very depressing dont you think.. every
morning i see you come to school looking either moody or
sad. when asked, you claimed nothing. come on. i noe you..
that facade of yours wont last any longer. truthfully i can
see de pain. but one might think its pure pms, but dear for
a whole lifetime, i odnt think so. please do not think that
im mocking you or whatsoever, this is just me hoping to see
a genuine smile on your face. ive got a question lilith,
dont u feel tired of being moody all the time? think abt
it. i noe u dont choose to feel this way. many things are
bothering you. and you cry too often. dont you think i dont
noe that each and everytime you go to the toilet, is to
either cry your eyes out or to rinse your face after
crying. lith, youve got to think. is it WORTH to cry over
someone who wont cry over you? what is de point of being
hurt when you dont have to be hurt. if you are going to
spned all your lifetime pining for god knows what, i
suggest you rethink this whole thing. you claim love. and
love conquers all. or so they say. but gurl, what is de
point of love if it hurts and you dont feel what youre
supposed to feel? sometimes dear, you need to speakup a
little for what is to be spoken for. people dont read
minds. i noe that you have been trying to speak up, but you
say nonsense comes out. girl, i feel it before. its like
you feel hurt and you say to yourself, ok im not gonna talk
to who and who.. so and so.. you feel like that.. but then
again when that person comes to you oblivious to the fact
that youre hurt, you relent and say to urself, love is all
abt sacrifices. yes. sacrifice. but if you cut and snip the
golden hair of a fairy everyday, one day she'll go bald.
you have to noe when to give in and when to really take a
stand. girl, i see you havent been taking your stand. what
are you afraid of? that you cant live without her? that
maybe she wont give a single two fuck? yeah maybe.. but
wont that wake you up honey? love. love is de only words on
your lips. but love dear doesnt work one way. its give and
its also take.
lilith, i noe how much dis person means to you. but if
theres no trust, and no mutual understanding, things wont
work. stop living each day by saying that everythings gonna
work out. its either she loves you or she doesnt. and if
she says she does, only god noes whether she means it. no
one else wont noe. not even you. if you choose to believe
then i offer my bestest wishes, but if not, why are you
still grappling all alone?
dear, because of this matter, your whole life is in
shambles. please think of yourself. maybe you should let
go. if she comes back to you, then its meant to be. if not
then you noe she was never there. handle the pain later.
youre wrecked and i dont mean to condemn and i noe ive
sounded not of help but trust me, if tehre anyone who noes
it me.
because im you. and youre me.
we are pathetic. the stars look down on us in sympathy.
shaking their heads with pity on us.
i noe how it feels to be hurt.
i noe. and theres blood all over.
-- your alter ego. please jump down now.