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2001-08-14 07:10:57 (UTC)

6th everythings fine mentally okay physically a mess

It has just been a physical day today not good at all
nothing in particular just plain ill.falling apart nothing
in partular not too much happened today it was quiet. got
up at 1pm even thou went to bed about 5am was real nice
not tired much .was a good too watch painting
they had there donation drive so I didn't miss much the
times I slept in. nothing in fact. Keith came by late is
leaving early wed. so he thought he would come say bye now
while he had the chance. it was good visit.he is still
nervous using the computer. only wants to play solitar
doesn't know where his time goes but it goes. well so does
ours but we know where it is going we are awre of things
that what makes the difference..

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