My Inner Self to cherish thou experience
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2001-08-14 07:05:08 (UTC)

Setup Development/Production Subsystems in my local PC

After forwarding the mail from collegue's account, (containg the
properties of the respectives)I copied these property files in to the
respective directories and after a determined R I managed to make
the product work under development and production. But there is
problem still, but yet am proud that the development is working.
Later my collegue saw the development and asked me to share the
folder as his was throwing exception. Man it felt good, as I
configured it so well that it made me say, 'Bingo!'
Also today was a funny day. The pretty girl was intentionally bereved
from my approach. Circumstances seemed to push her away from my
approach as though it was pre planned. Well, any how I should go easy,
as in my life there are so many restrictions, as long as I stay in
this country. And more over she should never know that i really admire
her, as she would obviously take advantage of me and my silence. So
she would remain more pretty from the distance.

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