Lady Crysania's boy
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2002-11-10 00:35:19 (UTC)


it is now 11:30am my time just got up and showerd cam on
line to se if Ma'am was ther but not this time. yesterday
was a bissy day had a good sleep in i need it got up at
11:30am had some breky did my hous work and some gardinng
fixd the dack door that the lock had broken.whatch some TV
and then got ready to go out for tea.whent and got dad from
hes home and meet all the family at the restront ther was
15 of us ther for tea we all had a bankwet for tea it was
very nice. took dad home at 11 and then back to my sisters
to whatch a vidio home at 3am and straight to bed so i have
not had very much time this week to be on the computer ver