that *special* one in a million

*night n day*
2001-08-14 06:50:23 (UTC)

*a better intro*

well this is my first on-line journal thingie... but this
is my 2nd entry i guess... Ne*ways, in my first entry i
poured out a lotta what'd been up wit my summer n junk...
well, i guess now i should just explain a lil bit more
about MySeLf...

My name is Brittaney, i live in the san fenando valley in
california, but i'll be movin to simi valley within the
next two weeks... i've been packin l8ly n its nOt
FuN! ...i'm 14, goin into the 9th grade, and i just got
accepted to Santa Susanna High School. I love shopping,
goin to the beach, cheering n gymnasti love dolphins, my
favorite color is baby blue... and i LOVE chillen wit my
friends... i'm gonna spend my last night here at my house
in the sfv wit my girls, tricia nad jamie ... we're gonna
go to this club, borderline, and then juss stay up all
night ordering pizza n eating junk food, doin all the
girlie sleepover stuff we never really got to do, and have
one last deep convorsation that the 3 of us are the BEST
at! yeah... :*) sounds like fun!

Ne*ways... im confused about what i should do wit troy... i
talked to him 2day... but i mean, when i talk to him on the
fone i feel like he's a different person cause i feel like
i TOTALLY love him... but then when i see him its like grr
i cant believe im wit him cause he seems so different!! :
ne*ways, i still need to confront dawn about her partt on
saturday n how she was SOOOOOOO rude to summer and
dylan!! --okay seriously, she owes them the BIGGEST
apollogy! (i know i spelled that wrong but whatever lol...)
but she seriously does! i dont care how much shit she's in
wit her mom... cause she blamed EVERYTHING on them, and
fuckin kicked them out n shit when they ACCIDENTALLY
knocked the screen from her window down n outside... okie! -
they went sliding on their asses down that hill just to
get her lame ass screen... and grr! omg im juss soo sick of
dawns attitude! i hope she like, trips n falls on her face
in public! lol, j//p -- that was mean lol...
Ne*ways, g2g... im gettin sleepie... *939* peace