Life as I know it.
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2001-08-14 06:29:48 (UTC)

random things

So I woke up ass early today due to my fucking back, it
fucking hurts so fucking much, its causing my one side of
my body to be in pure pain, and this headache i have wont
go away, so tomorrow im calling chiropractors. When I got
up finally I got a shower and hung with pearlann today,
went with her to open the studio, shopping, etc. Came back
to town, walking down the street from the bustop I see
nate, tabitha, and the infamous Jason. Jason was like
madly in love with me, okay in lust really...and felt the
need to tell all my friends and myself just how much he
loved me, it was nice hto when he would come into old navy
when i worked there just to tell me how wonderful I
was...oh i loved it, dont get me wrong, but i was wondering
when he would come into my apt and like be all Glenn Close
on my ass. Well after that akward situation of seeing them,
I finally made it home, in which I kept calling repeatedly
my bank to see what transactions went thru and what didnt
cause i seriously have NO IDEA how much money i have in my
acct and since i wanted to go out tonight to eat, I kinda
wanted to know--do I know? OF COURSE NOT CAUSE MY BANK IS
DUMB...read aforementioned entries on that subject. then I
went down Heathers got stoned, cause thats the only thing
that numbs the pain enough for me to function, and we
talked bout my friend Mike who is like MADLY in love with
her... she ditched him basically and Jaqi and I talked
about how we would love to have a man like that, then I
remembered Jason, and changed my answer, since I did have
that. Then I came upstairs found a message from Pearlann
and met her, amy, and Ryan at Fuel and FUddle. Split
nachos there and my total share was a whopping $2 so i
could deal. Then Pearlann and I went to Joe Momma's (i
know stupid name for an itlalen restuarant) to see if Jeff
was there, but he wasnt, but Matt's neighbor was and that
was strange. I mean I wish I wouldnt feel so akward
round them since now im pretty much over matt, yeah i know
its been long enough, so maybe like when school starts and
normal Jenn life starts back I will be all good. Anyway i
am tired and my back is killing me. Im outta here