the ups and downs of my life
2002-11-09 23:36:33 (UTC)

everyone hate danielle(the girl ive hated for a year) haha

well nothing really noew to write about....

1st basketball practice is monday from 530-8.....the first
night is always the hardest or i shpuld say the most
tiring...actually the first weekis tiring but after that
it gets better.

well tracy is really mad at danielle (the girl i hate) and
so is jess...tracy and jess are my two best friends...or i
should say the two people i hang out the most with...i
wouldnt say they were my BEST friends...i havent like
danielle at all because she cuts everyone down when she
talks to them and sometimes behind their back. sop i
havent been her friend for liek a year abnd then she
started talkuing to me and sending me email and i was
like do u liek me? she said she hated me and that she was
just bored. lol qwell she always tried to tell tracy and
jess to dump me and not be my friend anymore and like well
it got th em mad...and even though i didnt like her i
could caare less if they were friends with her. wel
finally they got fed up of hearing it and now they wont
talk to her. and shes stil mad that me jess and tracy went
to the movies this summer wit out her..i was liek why the
heck would she get to come wit us when i dont like her and
my dad as driving.. i dont want her in my car and there
wasnt enought room anyways. and besides even if we were
all friends...u dont have to do stuff wit the whole group
all the time.

well there are these two girls on the basketball team that
are twins, they are ball hogs and complain all the time.
goood thing they are on the varsity and im on the JV
becuase i really dont liek them . i would say something to
them but i dont want to come off as a *itch which i will
if i say something like "hey wanna try to pass to other
players once in a while" lol i wish i could but i dont
want to come off mean and stuff

well i get to cut my dads hair tomoorow, he bought hair
clippers..wle maybe i will get to cut it.

my cat is such a pain last night it snuck out the door and
hes really fasdt so u cant catch i left wit my
dad wit him outside and i came back an hour later...and
let him in..he wanted to go in then. lol

well i finally got my yrbook, my pic is really bad. i mean
really really bad.. i should have gotten it retaken last
uyear but i didnt.

well i guess thats all for now