Katlyn's Naughty, Dirty Diary
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2002-11-09 23:36:05 (UTC)

My first lesbian experience (part 1)

My 1st time with another woman started out as a bit of fun.
I was about 17 and me and my friend Mary had gone out for a
drink. I was waiting for this guy to turn up at a bar and
my Mary had said to me 'if he doesn't turn up I'll pull you

He didn't turn up but we found two other blokes, one of
which I pulled. Mary remarked to the bloke she was with
that she was going to pull me tonight if I hadn't found
someone else, which prompted him to suggest we french
kissed for a drink. FREE DRINK! So we did it.

Later, outside, in a secluded car park, still with these 2
guys and being rather drunk, my friend and I took things a
little further to see if we could get our cab fare out of
these blokes too. Mary undid my top slightly and slide her
hand in to caress my breasts. Mary has DD cup breasts (mine
only C) and she guided my hand to hers which I had been
eagar to touch. I groped at them and she groaned. The 2
blokes transfixed by Mary and I. The both seemed
pretty 'worked up' so we went to get a cab.

We didn't actually end up going home with them, although
they wanted us to. They paid for the cab and Mary and I
went back to Mary's...

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