No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-11-09 23:24:10 (UTC)

so far

So far this weekend has been pretty awesome. Friday I had
that Drill Team Pizza Party. Afterwards, Alisha and I ran
around behind the school and joked with some of the guys
on Drill Team until my mom came. It was incredibly funny.
Then, I went home and packed to go to Jessi's dad's house.
I came to Jessi's (that is where I am right now)
and "relaxed" To my surprise, Daniel was here. It was cool
cuz I haven't seen him in a while. Then, her dad came, we
got some food, went to the apartment "relxed" and walked
down to the lake. I was so tired...but the lake was really
pretty and peaceful. Gave me a really cool idea for a
painting. We went to sleep afterwards. We woke up really
late and had to get ready really really quickly. We went
to her dad's work and hung out. We ran to Wal-Mart, 7
Eleven, Checkers, all over the place. We had a lot of fun.
We are now getting showered and going out with Liar and
Lint Boy. Those code names fit them well. Tonight could be
disasterous...but it should be pretty fun. I'm just over
yeah and stuff. lol.
I need to talk to Terry....yeah...It's pretty important.
I'll do it sometime...whenever I see him next. I'm staying
with Jess again to I don't know when I'll see
That's basically it. OH MY GOSH. this song says "superfly"
that is so crazy. lol. Cartoon things rock.