Meshed Up
2002-11-09 22:53:15 (UTC)

ChapeL Street Scene

went to chapel street yesterday and did some s-h-o-p-p-i-n-
g. bought a dress that cost me 150 bucks *erk* but i
suppose it's okay. salesguy was kinda cute and friendly.
also, as a friend would say, 'you shouldn't regret buying
it. it's nice and it's good quality. okay, tonight candice
is going to spend a lot of time admiring herself in front
of the mirror.'

well i only splurge once in a blue yeah. it's

the most interesting scene in chapel street. but before
that, a dialogue...

ME: i've realized something.
HER: what is it?
ME: to pick up chicks, all you a dog.
HER: (laughs)that's the oldest trick in the book.
ME: that's sad. really sad.
HIM: let's sit down somewhere and have a cup of coffee or
ice cream. i hate to admit it, but i'm tired!
HER: there's a nice cafe up there, but it's going to be
quite a long walk.
ME: where is that cafe?
HER: past jam factory.
HIM: why don't we just go there (points across the street)
they sell gelati over there.
HER: that's cool with me.
ME: okay.

minutes later, the three of us were sitting down under a
shade, avoiding the sun, facing the busy street, him having
a smoke and both of us having ferrero rocher gelati.

a purple jeep pulled up almost directly in front of us with
two hideous looking jobless buggers sitting in the front
waiting for god knows what. they just sat there, with their
sunglasses, staring off into space, headbanging to
imaginary music, a huge dog standing in the backseat.

so we were licking our ice cream (i mean gelati) and my
friend has finished his smoke and has gotten himself
strawberry gelati, when this girl suddenly squealed.

GIRL1: ohh he's so cute! hello!
GIRL2: (saying something quietly to G1)

basically, two girls finally approached the jeep and looked
at the huge dog, exclaiming that he's *cute*.

ME: i have proven my theory.
HER: (nods) yes. it's oh so true.

so the ordeal went on. the girl who squealed kept trying to
pat the dog, trying to call him, but obviously she wasn't
very good with animals cuz the dog kept turning his
backside to her.

the jobless bugger in the driver's seat still kept his
sunnies on, talked about god knows what to the squealing
girl, and was still headbanging to imaginary music.

the scene went on for many many many minutes. girl trying
to pat the dog, dog avoiding her touch, jobless bugger kept
saying things to her. and it was SUCH a sad scene.

finally the jobless bugger stepped out of the jeep with his
companion (which was a sad little adolescent). he took out
a leash, and got the enormous dog to come down.

he tied the leash, the squealing girl bent over and tried
to ruffle the dog's fur or whatever, dog pulled away,
completely ignoring the girl, and the five of them (2
jobless buggers, one squealing girl, one slightly decent
girl, and a huge dog) began their walk.

as they walked past us, the jobless bugger suddenly told
the adolescent, 'hey! can you go and get the water bottle?
it's in the middle!'

at this point the three of us started snickering.

HIM: that guy..that kid is a big time lamp post.
ME: yeah. big time.
HIM: so candice, can you go and get the water bottle?

the kid rolled his eyes but still ran to the jeep to get
the water bottle. then when he got it, he ran after the
jobless bugger and the two girls.

ME: (to HER) i guess the guys finally got what they were
waiting for.
HER: yeah. two girls desperate to get laid.
HIM: i'm telling you, the dog was better looking than those
two bozos.