2001-08-14 05:39:08 (UTC)


i hate boys...i mean...i really like this guy, and he
seemed to like me...and yes, i realize he lives in
australia, and he has a girlfriend...but u know the least
he could do is write me a freaking email :( and i want to
write him, and i want to find out how hes doing and i want
to know if he thinks of me at all or if i was just some
american girl he got with...but i dont want to be the one
to take the first step...and i know that this has messed
things up for me in the past...but damn it...i like the old
fashioned idea of romance even if i pretend like i
dont...im tired of falling for all these guys that are
unavailable just so i know that in a couple months that
things could go bad...i already know theyre going to...so
no hurt or disappointment, right...thats the theory
anyway...well it hasnt been working for the past 20years..i
think its time i adopt a new theory....so should i write
the boy or not????