pretty on the inside
2001-08-14 05:34:37 (UTC)

find me now

So basically this is my second diary, i have another one.
But theres alot of stuff i cant talk about in it, because a certain person reads it.
Okay how am i supposed to whine about them if they read it grr. So here goes...
Theres this guy well my boyfriend and i think hes awesome, but sometimes it feels like he doesnt want to be with me.
Its like a chore to hang out with me or even talk to me it makes me feel like nothing ::sigh::
I know hes still hooked up on this one girl cause he writes about her all the time and i know its stupid and childish,
but it hurts that he never writes about me.
Its the little things ya know id like a little acknowledgement i mean is it so much to ask just to put something cute in your profile about me?
I just dont want him to turn into a jerk like the other guys ive gone out with.
Hes so awesome i just want him to need me and talk to me about stuff ya know.
Wow i wasted my whole first entry on "the boy" im a sucker for him i guess.
I promise though my other entries will be way more deep and meaningful lol.