Little Garcia

Guardian Angel
2001-08-14 04:48:05 (UTC)

Long story short

Time passed by,
I always was at my friends house, Cait so I ended up adding
him to her ICQ list. November 4th. Nick, Cait, Mike and I
ended up meeting up at the Toronto Zoo. The intention was
to set Mike and Cait up. That fell threw quite badly. But
there friends ofcoarse. Well aquantences. But Nick and
I..that THAT'S another story. He gave me his coat..held my
hand. everything. It was the nicest thing ever.
Later on that night Nick and I started to go out.
-Okay I'm putting way too much effort into this.-
Nick and I saw each other a mear oh...three times out of
the three and a half months we went out.
The break up was the hardest part!
I'll write out the short story I wrote about it for an
eglish project that I got perfect on to show you how hard
it was and how awsome he is.
Now the whole thing is real I copied and pasted some of the
conversation to the story but not all of it. I had to
respect his privacy when handing this into a teacher.