One Fucked Up World
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2002-11-09 20:17:04 (UTC)

grounded life

yup thats right i am grounded again :( it sux. But yea so
last night since i was grounded some of my friends were
going to stop by b/c i was home alone from 9:30-11:30 so we
were gonna have a small party, but they never came. Ok...
so i was talking to one of them today and she didn't even
say anything... she was like yea so i went ot the movis and
blah blah blah blah. SHe acted like she didn't do anything
wrong. And it really hurt me b/c she was suppose to come
and make me feel better b/c my grandpa's in the hospital,
and he wont make it through the weekend and on Friday i
went to visit and we rove there adn when we got there, he
said he didn't want to see us eve tho he knew it would be
our last time seeing us andit really hurt. And i feel like
shit b/c mypaents are being ass's and ahhh i don't know
what to do.