Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-14 04:45:18 (UTC)

Ahhh...boredom at last:)

Well...after all of the events of last week, it kinda feels
nice to be a tad bit bored:) After being in Gatlinburg for
the 2nd time in a week (no...I'm not kidding) I was gettin
a little worn out. This week has just started and already
it's been stressful! Ya see, 3 of my dearest, closest
friends are leaving for college this Friday. I, of course,
want to see them all before they leave...but things are
just so crazy...I can barely find the time. Tess, Lorri,
and I were supposed to do something tonight, but Im pretty
sure Tess decided to go to Chillicothe instead. At least,
that's what I think, although I wouldn't know cause Taelor
was on the internet for 2 hours today during the time that
Tess was supposed to call me (grrr)! Tomorrow is Amy's
birthday...yep the big 19! haha:) All she keeps saying
is "I am going to be 20 years old next year...20!!" haha
Good 'ol Amy, I'm gonna miss her. I'm gonna miss everyone.
Tess is leaving for Miami this Friday as well as Jennifer.
Jennifer, Ashley, Ashley, and I are gonna tie-dye
Wednesday. We've been planning on making shirts for the
Fall Retreat for some time now, so we thought that would be
a perfect "final get-together", I guess you could
say...even though the only one leaving is Jen! haha Well,
I'm gonna have to cut this thing off about now. Me and
Mindy are discussing some stuff and it's hard to write in
this and talk at the same time! haha Until next time....

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