the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-08-14 04:43:51 (UTC)

its been a while


hey everyone I know it has been a while .. well not really
a lot has been happening I started school today and all i
did all day was want to go home and have like massive
headaches .. I am hella tired i wrote 3 papers tonight and
i am grounded from the phone b/c i called jason in victoria
and like as if i am not gonna pay for the bill they go off
and ground me .. well they can just kiss my butt for real
it won't last but its all good i will still get to see trey
and hang out with my friends i just can't talk on the
phone .. ahh it suxs .. oh well this is proabable gonna be
my last entry b/c i am moving to live journal again .. so
as son as i get my add. there i will let cha'll know where
it is .. :)
but I have to go .. Jeff if u read this .. I miss u
sooooooooo much :)
love always McCall

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