Inside Me
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2002-11-09 19:45:03 (UTC)

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Well today I opened and closed, and it actually went very
well. I was hoping as long as I kept a positive attitude
things would go well, wow am I ever glad they did. My boss
called to check on me though, ha! Just wondering if things
were going well, or if I had any questions or anything. I
guess he might of had a little case of worry, or just
curious or something. My dad was with me the whole time
there. He had fun helping with soemthings, ha I felt like I
was training someone. That felt pretty good. I also let him
put the mail away, which some of them have more than one
person, so he'd ask, and I would now which one, like saying
on third one over and 2 down and things like that, ha! It
was like taking a quiz or something. I cleaned a lot! Just
sometihng to do when it wasn't busy, and my dad was on the
computer a lot of the time. I cleaned the bathroom very
well, and vaccumed, dusted, ummm, cleaned my boss's desk,
ummm, some other stuff, it was really fun. Like an honor,
in as wow, he trust me, he has faith in me. You get the
idea I"m sure. Well I'll end here, talk to you all again
soon. Take care everyone.