would the world stop spinning
2002-11-09 10:03:23 (UTC)


it's early morning,still dark outside
i'm watching everything around me,people rushing,
doing things to pass time befor they go to work,
i wish i could speed up time to when you
are here again
i miss the feeling of you next to me.
i love hearing your voice,i could sit and listin to you
for hours... even if you were talking about things with no
relivance to anything,they would be your words.
it's early morning,very bright in this place
i'm watching the people around me
they don't even notice i'm here.
i kind of like it this way
when you are with me it's just the opposite...
i could drownd out everything and everyone around me.
i only see your dark eyes and happy smile.
its early morning everything is so busy
i want to be with you,holding you and listining to you
i wouldn't worry about the light or the people...
only you,your dark eyes and happy smile.