would the world stop spinning
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2002-11-09 10:00:32 (UTC)

poem: if i hadda suicide note..this is what it would say

i have loved greatly,and lost it all
i have fought many battles, and was defeated in most.
i have cried for not reason, and laughed for the wrong ones.
i have never known what it's is like to "have it all"
but what if i didn't want "it all"?
(could i give it back if i didn't)
i have come close to forever,but i my next roll got sent
back 3 spaces.
i have lied and cheated
i have wanted more than i could have.
i have lied through it all
i have heard all of my favorite songs
i have never loved my self the way i desurve to be
i have in my life felt completely broken
i have known the feeling of being absolutely alone
i have done it all by myself
i have just written my last poem