It smells like poop over here
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2002-11-09 09:43:29 (UTC)

i dont have much to say, or..

i dont have much to say, or anything at all really. i
did this video shoot for school today, oh my god. i got to
ians at like...11, and i left christina's at like...8. my
god, we fucked around for about 9 hours to get about 15 to
20 minutes of footage. our project is gonna suck too, cause
alex isn't that great of a director. oh well, just my name
on it, not my merits.
got back, shot some pool with rich and joe, i was on my
game tonight. i made like...75% of my shots first try. i
was solids, and i cleared every ball up to the 8 ball with
one shot, then took one more to sink the 8. i was the dog.
i only lost 1 game of cut throat out of like...6 and i won
each game of 8 ball. i was the D-O-G-G. i gotta get up and
wrestle tomorrow @ like 10:30, and it's like 4:44, wow
that's weird. me and joe are gonna either get drunk or get
high tomorrow, whichever we prefer more. PEACE.