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2002-11-09 09:28:02 (UTC)

A long week

Okay, I hope you're in a seated position with time on your
hands because this is going to looooong and full of stuff
from the full range of my emotional spectrum. Good luck.
And if you get all the way through, well.....I don't know
what. You get a prize, how about that? Just kidding, you
probably don't really want to read the whole thing, so
just skim it at you leisure and read what seems
interesting, ok? Here we go folks....

Last Saturday, I kinda cut out on work to visit my
roommates from my freshman year at college. We lived in
the shittiest dorm. They were going to renovate it the
summer after we moved out, so whatever went wrong, or
broke wasn't fixed seeing as they were just going to gut
the building in 9 months anyway. So it was a pit. Good ol'
Salley Hall (East Tower). There were 4 of us all together.
Out of all the rooms on our floor (7th floor, if it
matters, which it really doesn't so I'll be moving on now)
we were the only roommates to get along. I think one of
the reasons is because we are all so different. There's
the cheerleader who rushed a sorority, the band geek who
played the tuba, the petite blonde who's maybe 4'11.5" and
me, who has the really obnoxious mothering trait. But none
of us are who we seem in that description. At all. I love
them, and when we were together, it was if nothing had
changed. Sure, we had our fights, but we usually ended up
in the cheerleader's Jeep with "You've Lost That Lovin'
Feeling" by the Rightous Brothers blasting as we went to
have a makeup dinner at Chili's together. I love them all
so much.

So, anyway, we're all way over legal and went out for
drinks and that turned into dinner and we all had a
fabulous time. If you've never been to a Bahama Breeze, I
HIGHLY recommend it. It's even better if you go with
someone who works at another Darden restaurant (Olive
Garden, Red Lobster, etc) cause then you get 25% off the
bill for 7 people. Always nice :)

Then on Tuesday, one of my roommates who now lives in
Tampa drove over for an interview and then took me out to
dinner. She's the one most like me if I had to choose
someone to fit that category. We had a really nice chat
about our futures and decided that we are very old. She's

Wednesday rolls around and a posse of people show up at my
house and kidnap me to take me to dollar drink night at a
club downtown. They are people that I went to high school
with and are in town visiting. So, I got changed and left.
Had a GREAT time. One of the girls has moved to Cape Cod,
and it's strange because she and I are now better friends
than we were before she moved. She and I had a great time
(except for the guys trying to kiss her that threw me
against a wall when I was trying to get her away from
them). Yeah.

Thursday I worked and my supervisor (who I am scared of)
told me that she liked it when I worked the customer
service counter. I asked her why and she said "Cause you
know what you're doing." HA! I've got them all fooled!!!
*evil cackling* Though if anyone has any leads on any jobs
please pass them my way. I'd love to have something other
than working at the health food store.

Then, tonight, I WENT TO SEE JOHN MAYER! Wow. It was sooo
awesome. Here is a (short) list of stuff that I learned
about concerts.
1. Do not wear new shoes when you have to stand up for 4
hours. Even if they are new sneakers.
2. Don't stand behind the really tall guy, even if he is
really really hot.
3. Don't stand next to the only guy in the whole arena who
is ignoring the no smoking in buildings law.
4. You may go to a concert with someone, but a concert is
for YOU. You are basically alone in a sea of people with
only your thoughts and the music. You need to take of it
what you want and what you will.
5. John Mayer admitted that "Wonderland" is a song about
fucking. *evil grin*
6. Lakeland isn't that far, but don't leave Orlando during
rush hour on a Friday.
7. Lakeland has excellent directions leading you back to
the interstate once you leave the venue parking lot.

So, that was great. No wonder people follow musicians
around and go to every concert. It was amazing.

Okay, so that was all the social stuff going on. Now onto
more crap.

I wrote in another entry how I don't like getting my hopes
up because they are usually dashed quickly. I basically
don't expect anything and then if something good happens
it's a pleasant surprise. Well, I got my hopes up.

Chris isn't moving to Orlando. He can't afford it. I don't
blame him. But now I'm all alone still.

Secondly, I don't remember if I've explained my
relationship with Chris or not, but I'm gonna do it again.
He is my best friend. And I love him. And I'm in love with
him. But it's not mutual. The 'in' in the 'in love' is the
most difficult. We have no ties to eachother other than
friendship. We both know this. But it was only a matter of
time....he met a girl. And I have no room to be jealous,
but I am. But life sucks and you just have to move on. I
just wish someone was jealous of me.

So there you have it. How far didja get? Here? Wow.
Impressive. It's been about an hour now. I'm tired.
4:27am. And I'm spent.