Lisa Lynn

2001-08-14 02:15:01 (UTC)

My Wisdom Teeth (Warning: Kinda gruesome)

Today, I had my wisdon teeth taken out. They made me wait
in the office to gain more butterflies before I actually
went to the back room. To be honest with you, it really
sucked! The laughing gas had no effect on me, so I felt
every shot. He put in 8 at first. 6 in the gums (4 on top and 2 on
the bottom). Then he put two in the roof of my mouth. Those hurt
really bad. He gave the stuff 15 minutes to work. He came back and
then proceeded to take the two on the right out. They didn't hurt at
all because they weren't impacted. He was asking me questions the
whole time and all I could say was "augh argh augh agh argh". The
weird thing was, was that he understood me. He then started to work
on the left. Both the top and bottom were impacted. Unfotunately, I
could feel it. So he put two more shots in the gums on top. Then it
didn't hurt. Then he started working on the bottom. That was
painful! They cut the gums, then they took a drill and broke it into
pieces. And that hurt the most, so he popped two more shots on the
bottom of my gums. He started to try to pull the pieces out, but
they were connected to the nerve still and I could feel it. So, I
think he put one more shot in the roof of my mouth and one mroe in
the gums. That numbed it. And I could still feel it a little. That
was the worst part. After all that was over, they stuffed all this
gauze in my mouth. And I got pain killers, for later (thank God I
have them)! I wonder how much blood I lost total? It seemed like
alot. Well, since then I've been drugged on Vicoden. So, I don't
feel much. Overall, it was okay. I should be back to normal for my
b-day. :)