le soleil et la lune
2001-08-14 02:03:51 (UTC)

another day

I can not believe it. We talked about birth control and
the regularity of our periods in journalism today. Me, KT,
CJ and Jenna. That was odd. I made the mistake of
defending BC, and asking if there was a planned parenthodd
around here(I really need to go ahead and start the pill)
and CJ got curious and asked me if I was thinking about
having sex. Now seriously, who would I have sex with? I
am not dating anyone, and I am certainly not a whore. I
just think it's good to be on the pill in case I ever
wanted to. I just don't trust condoms. That's how my
sister Sammy came into being. Plus, in order for the pill
to be effective, you need to have been taking it regularly
for at least a month. That gives me plenty of leeway in
case someone sweeps me off my feet like Casey was. Not
that it would ever happen. In fact, today Tiff and I were
discussing how we probably weren't going to have dates for
prom this year. The thought is kinda depressing, but I've
been to one prom alone and managed not to feel like a
complete loser, so I figure I can do it again in the
company of my friends. Besides, its really too early to be
thinking about prom anyway, isn't it?
Andre called me today and asked for the author name of
Tiff's diary. Now first, how did he get my #, and why
would he think that I would give him a free pass into one
of my best friend's private thoughts?