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2002-11-09 06:23:36 (UTC)

The feeling

I have just watched Foreign film on TV (VTV3)... It's a
shame I can't remember name of this film...
" A family had a daughter...she was 20 years old... since
her mother had got an accident, her mother had to sit on
the Wheelchair... and her father had sexual relations with
her mother's friend... Unluckily, she knew her father was
staying at a lodging-house with her mother's friend... she
was very angry and came back home to tell her mother about
this... when her mother heard about this... her mother was
crying very much. She was angry at her father so she left
home to her boyfriend's house. At that time, her mother was
confused and crazy at home... her mother wanted to call her
father up...thus, her mother fell from the wheelchair...
then her father came back home and knew his wife was at the
hospital... when he went to the hospital, he saw his wife
fell into a dead faint... and he repented of his sin..."

*Did he deserve death? Yes, he did!!! his wife had to sit
on the wheelchair and he should have known about his wife's
feelings... His wife needed his love, his comfort because
she didn't want so but he made his wife hurt.. his family
was broken...his repentance was too late!!! If only he
hadn't done it, his family wouldn't been have broken!!!
That was a film, but I hope there is not any case like this
film... because Mental life is most important!

*If I am in this case, I will never leave my family and
have sexual relations with other man... because I know my
husband's feelings, my kids'... I don't want to make them
hurt and sad... when I and my husband were young, we loved
each other so much and wanted to raise a family together
until the end of our lives so why I have to betray my
husband and come to other man?? My husband is not lucky and
he has to sit on the wheelchair...he needs my love, my
comfort... so I should love him more and more and I am his
solace!!! But I don't think this is a feeling of pity!!!
this is love as we loved each other when we were young!!!

~!~ Money? we will spend all...
~!~ Beauty? it will be waning...
~!~ Degree? we will lose...
~!~ One and only our Love lives forever with time ~!~

July 27,2002