Wally's Wackin' Shack
2002-11-09 06:20:22 (UTC)

It's been a while...

Sorry for not updating sooner, it never felt like the right
time to do it. What's new....I'm still jobless, I'm not
really looking as hard as I should be, but I'm gonna change
that. I'm having boy issues. I have a boyfriend, yet I
don't. I'm with him emotionally, but not physically. It's
like a local long distance relationship. I know he is
going to read this, so maybe the message will get through,
I NEED MORE! My classes have been going good, I haven't
really been going to them, so......I'm gonna have to make
an effort to do that. I've been having issues with my
school about my loans...apparently they haven't come in
yet....and I need to get that cleared up...or else there
will be a block on my grades until that is cleared
up...THAT SUCKS. I've managed to eat up all of what was on
my meal plan, granted the semester is nearly over, just one
more month, but it just blows my mind...I was eating a
lot. Food on campus is pretty expensive, but still...OH
WELL, I'm not the only one in my situation, my friend Hasan
has the same difference though.....HE HAS A
JOB! Everything is going well with my fraternity, I was
talked to about having my pledge book with me at all
times. I'm going to make the effort to have that with me.
My brothers went to Pensacola this weekend...I would've
gone but I've got no money :'(. I DESPRETLY need funds
NOW! I caught up with a friend this week. It is really
nice to talk to him. I really like him, and we were close,
but things with him...I don't know, he's very confused.
He's got a knack for breaking my heart. He's succeeded to
do it Three times. This one was the last, or so he said.
Those you want, you can't have, Those you have, don't want
you, and the ones that don't want you, you want. That's my
life's story. Sad...ain't it?