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2002-11-09 06:09:46 (UTC)

My Past

I am not sure and never think I am a pretty lady but when I
was in sixth grade I had few boys flirting with me and
wrote letters to make the accquaintance of me. I didn't
take notice of them because I didn't know what is Love...
Until I was 17 years old I had a lot of greeting cards. But
I still had no boyfriend. Vietnamese boys can be my good
friends or close friends but they can't be my boyfriend.
When I was in highschool, My close friend's boyfriend had
said "good-bye" to her. She was very sad and confide in me,
her boyfriend was a student in out school and he was 19
years old, I had an undreamed of happening on the following
day. Him! Her boyfriend has came nearer to me and said to
me that he loved me and wanted to invite me to Cafe' while
I was standing at the Balcony of my school at break
although he knew I was her girlfriend's close friend but he
still could say that to me. I said Sorry to him because I
didn't want to my close friend misunderstand me and our
friendship would have been broken.
Vietnamese boys are not good??? I know not all, There are
few good Vietnamese boys but Who is he? I really don't know
and how to know? Many boys who liked me and wanted to be
their girl friend but I said No then I was their foe. I
mean they hated me, Vietnamese boys are so.! They are not
honest, faithful and serious. With me, I dont need he is
handsome. I just need He is a Honest, faithful and serious
man in our relationship. I don't need he is rich. I just
need him taking care of me, sharing weal and woe together
and having deep understanding me.

Everybody says " we shoudln't believe people in the
Internet, they lie and just look for fun or game"
- yes, I think so too but I always believe I'll find a
honest, faithful and serious man to be my boyfriend. At
beginning, He doesn't believe me and I don't believe
him..of course, And to find him I have to honest, faithful
and serious then he knows my love for him and he will not
make me disapointed...I believe that!

~!~ Practice makes perfect ~!~

July 02,2002