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2002-11-09 05:55:36 (UTC)


When I was a child I used to go to the Pagoda (temple) with
my Maternal grandmother who took care of me since I was
born but she is not my mother's Mom. She is my Maternal
grandmother's younger sister. Though, I love her as much as
she does. We had gone to PhuocVien Pagoda everyweek by
Pedicab. When I was 10 years old I had to move with my
parents to a department of tenement house was in font of
BatNha pagoda. Thenceforth, I didn't go to PhuocVien pagoda
with my Maternal grandmother any more. And Pagoda where I
used to go to alone was BatNha Pagoda. The buddhist Priests
in BatNha were very merciful and BatNha seemed my second
house. I felt very untrouble everytime I was there. Then I
am a buddhist and I acceded Buddhist household. I was
studied a lot of things.

I remember That was a saturday night I went to ice-cream
shop with my class=mates then came back and crossed a
bridge I saw an old lady, she was very old, she worn a
nylon-raincoat with a Conical-straw-hat was sitting on
corner of the bridge. What a piteous Lady she was! At that
time I was in fifth grade II had 1,000 VND which my mother
gave me when I had gone to school. I ate 5,00 VND. How to
help her? I only could hand my 5,00 remaining to her with
my compassion.

And when I was 13 years old, That was a Christmas-eve, I
went to the centre of city with my close friend. We passed
across Madonna church I saw a little girl about 9-8 years
old, she was carrying her sister about 2-3 years old behind
her back. On Christmas-eve, it is very cold and at that
time, she was sitting at the corner and she was drowsy
while her sister was sleeping and a mug was in font of
them. I wondered where was their mother? and it probably,
they were beggar. Or they had to sit under black and cold
firmament so-as bey everybody then give to their mother. If
so, their mother was so hard-hearted! They were in very
thin clothes and they seemed too cold. As before, I put a
little money into their mug. I had no much money to help
them. Then I rode back home with my close friend. Unluckily
our bicycle which my close friend was ridding me was broken
by nail. We were out of money and we had to wheel it
although we had walk back home but we felt happy and
hopefully, our money could help them!

~!~ "Come into the world - Old - Effection - Die" We can't escape it
Therefore behave kindly towards Everybody so-as Our lives are
meaningful. ~!~

April 02,2001