listen to my silences
2002-11-09 04:59:27 (UTC)

awesomely happy-go-lucky sweet freakin great mood :)

today was a very good day.

i was in an awesomely happy-go-lucky mood. like i always
used to be. and man have i missed that.

i had a math exam today and i did really well on it. then
i trained at k-mart and the people there are great. so
much fun already, and my real first day is tomorrow.
spanish sucked, as spanish always does, but i got to hang
with melanie and tiffany so it was all gravy baby. then
after school jenn and i went to the park. it was a
blast!!! i can't wait to do something again. i wish it
wouldn't have been cut short, but i couldn't exactly be
like "hey i'm not going to perform tonight" an hour before
the show. granted, i would if it was drastic
circumstances... but anyways we had a great time!!! then
i did my last performance of aliens. mom came! that was
cool. i asked dad to come, but low and behold his exact
words were "i don't want to come see you perform" wow i
feel loved. i asked him if he'd come see me just once
since he goes to all of susan's and brian's
well...everything. but no. oh well. then later at main
street grind and sportstime...great times. brodie did some
FREAKING AWESOME magic tricks. hey micro, where's your
cell phone? lol lol lol lol lol.

i'm going to miss performing and traveling with ritc. but
i'll find myself in evansville too. and there are a lot of
things about it i won't miss.

i'm still in a sweet freakin great mood. as is obvious by
my random word phrases. he hee. but i'm out cause i'm
taking brodie to the corvette museum tomorrow early. so
later all.

final thought: why is the sound following me? lol lol lol