Charmed Pages
2002-11-09 04:48:47 (UTC)

Caroline, Heather Hoo, and Me

Today was a good day. All except for the fact that I had
to get up at 6 to get ready to go to a meeting with my
advisor. The only bad part was my roommate forgetting
taht he had a plane to catch to go to Florida, so people
came into our room to wake him up, and they were loud!!!

Okay, enough of the stuff. I met with my advisor and went
to a terminal to do my scheduling. I was teh first person
in line I got all the classes I wanted.. Its gonna be so
sweet next semester, I have one class on MWF and its at
8:00am. I think I can manage to get up that early.

Caroline, Heather Hoo, and Me were supposed to go out to
eat, and then go see 8 Mile, we found out at 6 that all
shows were sold out, even the 10:15 show. So then we
decided to chill in the dorm, and just go eat at Crackel
Barrel and come back to the dorm and watch Thir13en
Ghost. We just got finished watching it....kinda. We all
were falling asleep, so we decided to hit the sack.

Tomorrow Nat, Caroline, and I are taking a.....ROAD TRIP!!!
It's gonna be so much fun, we're going to Raleigh, true
its not that far, but it's not Greenville. I am ready to
go somewhere other than Brewster-B!! LOL

Well I have to get up early I'm signing off.

Until next time....ROFL

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