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2002-11-09 04:19:34 (UTC)

The wedding was awesome

I know I haven't written in here in awhile. I was busy
preparing for the wedding and then I was recuperating. So
here's the synopsis:
Ok I'll go chronologically. Wed: My Dad and I left
precisely at 4. Got lost in Ottawa, my Dad cursing
Mira the whole way saying how she would suck a
mile-long cock etc etc... you know my Dad. We managed
to get to Mira's at 6:30- yes that is how lost we got.
We were almost at the Ottawa airport before he decided
to turn around. Ok so then Mira and I went over to
Billings Bridge which is across the street from where
she lives to buy some groceries and I bought Nick
Carter's solo cd- absolutely frickin AMAZING. Anyways
so we're walking past the liquor store in the mall and
I hear this big booming voice call my name and I turn and
there is Ian. I thought that was so cool. So we
talked for like a half hour and I was amazed at some
of the stuff he remembered about me. anyways long
story short, apparently he is calling me and taking me
out soon. Neat. Ok, hold onto your hat sister because
this is soooo going to make you howl. Mira decided
that we needed to go to this dessert place so we
hopped a bus and went downtown. Anyways we get there
and it's dimly lit and stuff and the clearly gay waiter
hands us menus and goes away and so I open mine
and am browsing and the waiter comes back and is all
"The menu is on fire" and I was "Excuse me?" and he
goes "The menu is on fire" and I am STILL dense and
"huh?" "The menu is BURNING". At this point I noticed
black smoke. Oops. Never was I soooo embarrassed. Mira
didn't let me live that down all weekend. So we
laughed all the way back to her place. Sher move. Then
we went back and watched "O" to drool over Josh Hartnett.
Thursday: I was up somewhere around 8:30 and stuff,
went over to the mall for a bit, talked on the
internet. Mira was back when I returned from the mall
and said she wanted to leave for Peterborough early.
This was at 1:30. Ha! we left at 3:30 and she drives slower
than I do. I found that amusing. Ok so we had
planned to go to the Petes game and at 6:30 we were
still in Marmora. So we called the guys from Mira's
cell phone and they decided that they would just meet
us at the rink. When we got there, the game was
already 5 minutes in but I didn't care- I just wanted
to see my boys! I ended up ditching them for Tony who
I saw across the rink. Him and I struck up a deal. He
ordered David Currie's gameworn jersey and I will pay for it
in exchange for Scott's which he bought so long
ago and ticked me off. Yay! Oh and the Petes beat
Oshawa 5-0 so that was a bonus. then we went back to
Paul and jeremy's and in all honesty, I think I slept
better on their couch than I did the rest of the
weekend just knowing I was in Peterborough- is that weird?
Friday morning- one more day! I was all wound up-
still having dreams of losing the damn dress and all
that. I had to catch the bus at 10;30 so I wanted to
be at the station for 10. I bought my ticket and it
was a lot cheaper than I thought. I got on the bus and
sat my dress beside me and managed to make it to
Toronto without having to pee! I hate having to go on
the bus! Then I almost caught a bus to Kitchener.
Thankfully that was averted! So I spent an hour and a
half dodging pigeons in the actual terminal- yep that
was fun! then on the bus to Guelph I swear I was
sitting behing Jeff Bridges or his doppleganger.
Anyways Amanda's Dad met me at the station and took me
to Amanda and Rob's house. Amanda was busy cleaning
and doing last minute things so I was trying to help
her in any way possible. Rob was neurotic and they got
into a fight about not having a maid to it. He however
calmed himself down by doing shots. His cousin Boomer
was there too so he was helping. Then Christa, another
bridesmaid came and we left for the rehearsal. We did
the rehearsal twice because some people kept messing
things up. For example Amanda's dad kept on messing up
his "Her mother and I do" line. He kept saying "I do"
and Rob kept standing in the wrong spot to light the
unity candle. Then we went to his parents' house for
dinner and Rob was regaling us with horror stories of
puking on his cousin Scott's face. Scott was the
groomsman I was paired up with. Very nice but married
with children of course. Then we went back to Amanda
and Rob's for a bit because she had yet to pack for the
honeymoon so the bridesmaids and the groomsmen
kinda chilled for a bit and made fun of the Rob. Then
us girls went back to Amanda's parents where we were
staying for the night and we were doing some more last
minute reception stuff. Amanda and I were up until 2
am doing last minute seating charts and she walked me
back to her brother jeff's room and hugged me for
staying up with her. neither one of us slept much and
we were both up at 6.
Saturday: D-DAY!!!: Everyone was up by 7 at the
latest and we all showered and stuff. Christa and I
were putting the seating chart together when Amanda
came up the stairs (her room is in the basement). I
think I will remember this moment for as long as I live- it
was sooooo adorable. She had her baby blankie
wrapped around her shoulders and she was in her pjs
and she had this "look" about her and she just said
"I'm getting married today" and she was so cute.
Everyone ran over and hugged her. We had a slight crisis
with hair and make-up. We were supposed to get it done at
the same spot but the hairdresser called and said she didn't
want that- we'd be taking up too much space so of course
Amanda freaked. But it worked out ok, we just ended up going
to the make-up artist's salon after our hair was done. My
hair was kinda cool. She curled it and did these little
spirals up the back and piled it all on top of my head-
total of 64 bobby pins which was NOT fun taking out. In the
front I had four rhinestone bobbypins which were really
cool. I later managed to catch my hair in the top of the
limo (nothing strange for me, huh). Amanda was so cute
running around with her veil on. My make-up was cool too.
She didn't put a lot on but she totally brought
my eyes out so it looked really nice. then we went
back to Amanda's parents' house to get dressed. When
we got back to Amanda's parents' we started to get
dressed and the doorbell rang and our flowers arrived as did
a bouquet of a dozen roses dyed purple (Amanda's favourite
colour) from Rob. Amanda started to wail because he had
written something like "I can't wait to see you walk down
that aisle today. You will make me the luckiest man in the
world. I will love you
forever Amanda" That guy kills me he's so sweet. Then
Amanda and I were running around finding her something
borrowed, something blue... then more pictures and
finally the limo ride in which I proceeded to catch my
hair on the top of the limo, fun fun. At the church,
the photographer was doing the weirdest shots and
making us laugh. Oh and somehow Rob had managed to
lose the ringbearer's pillow and realized he had
thrown it in the garbage at home. He had to call his
neighbour to go root through the garbage and find it
and bring it to the church. Slightly amusing. The
cermony went surprisingly well. However Amanda started
crying as soon as she started down the aisle and I had
this huge lump in my throat but I did not cry! She had
a hard time with her vows but Rob calmed her down and
everything went well. Her sister Becky almost knocked
us down domino style though because we were standing
on steps and she was on the one above me and she took
a step backwards and almost fell off. Stan got his
"Her mother and I do" speech down which was nice and
Rob messed up the unity candle thing but it was all
good. Then we had more pictures and went outside to
greet people. It was soooo cold. I got to see Kim and
she lent me her jacket because she could tell I was
freezing. She almost made me cry because I knew I'd
only get to see her for like 15 minutes before she had to
head back to Oshawa- it was her Dad's 50th birthday. That
kinda sucked but oh well, what can you do? It was funny
because we passed her car when we were leaving and I said to
everyone, "There's my best friend" so we were all waving,
not that she could see because of the tinted windows but we
were nonetheless.
Matt (one of the groomsmen) was being a big ham and
waving it up. anyhoo. After we left the church we
drove downtown in between the two courthouses which was
really pituresque but very cold. We all stayed in
the limo and drank champagne (yep even ME) until we
were dragged out. Us bridesmaids were allowed to keep
our coats on until the last second before the picture
was taken. The photographer or the groomsmen would come and
take them. The guys were keeping themselves warm by drinking
zambuka from their flasks. Christa kept on having some of
Rob's and Boomer's too so a lot of the wedding party was
well zonked by the reception. We did a lot of pictures (2
hours to be exact)- some really cool shots too and the guys
were all trying to keep us warm because they felt bad for
us. Scott (Rob's cousin who I was standing with, kept
hugging me and putting his coat on me). Becky, Amanda's
sister was sooooo funny. She was all like "I am soooo
getting back at her for this- my wedding will be strapless
dresses in the middle of January or fulllength wool ones in
the middle of July" You'd like her, she's amusing. Then the
last couple shots Rob wanted pictures of the groomsmen and
Amanda and then Rob and the bridesmaids. Anyways the guys
all lifted Amanda up and held her across them and then
decided that us girls should do that with Rob- THAT was
funny. But it ended up Rob just stood in the middle of the
five of us and hugged us. Then we all hopped back in the
limo and went to the reception hall and divied up little
chores Amanda wanted us to do for the receiving line. Becky
had to take a picture of everyone who came in and I had to
get them to sign the guestbook- their picture will go
beside their signature. Michelle and Christa were to give
out the favours but Christa disappeared somewhere. Ok so
that went well, then came the introductions. Rob and Amanda
had picked that theme music for each member of the wedding
party to walk in to and it was sooooo funny. Boomer did this
little strut and model turn and I had the Buffy theme music
so I was doing martial arts. Matt was funny because
Rob had picked "I'm too sexy" for him so he strutted
in. Rob had "Unbelievable and he just egged on the
crowd and then waited in the middle for Amanda and it
was sooooo cute (I shoulda figured she'd pick what
she did)... "fighting evil by moonlight.." (Sailor Moon-
she adores that show)and of course she did all these
actions, she was so cute. Anyways then her and Rob
joined up and walked to the table together. Oh and
then came the speeches- you would have HOWLED at
Rob's. He said "First off I would like to thank
Amanda's parents, Stan and Janice for this beautiful
gift which I am truly looking forward to unwrapping
tonight..." I thought Stan was going to DIE- you
should have seen the look. Sooo funny. Then Amanda's
speech made me cry- I was doing so well too. May have
been the champagne and wine too- red is better than
white by the way. Dinner was GREAT- buffet of course-
Rob's favourite. There were 3 salads, pasta, chicken,
roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, bread and this cool
Italian icecream.
Ok so dinner over now comes the fun part. Well the
wedding party got free drinks but I only had one, oh
ok and part of a Baileys and part of a rye and ginger
but I had one whole Sex on the Beach- good stuff. Not
as good as my daquiris though. But anyhoo Paul got
soooooooooooooooooooooo drunk- like wicked drunk. It
was quite amusing. Him and Jane were having this
drinking contest and downing wine like shots and well
safe to say that Jane won. Kim Sit stayed until 9:30
or so and had to take the bus back. They played
supergood music so most of us were up dancing all
night. Me and Amanda were up there a lot anyways.
Their first dance was "Crazy for You" by Madonna and
they had dry ice so it looked like they were dancing
in a cloud. Then they did the father/daughter dance
and the mother/son dance and then the wedding party
had to dance to "My Sacrifice" and Scott was so funny
because he was telling me how he went to see Creed and
stuff. Ok so then before Paul got loaded him and I
danced. Well we danced when he was loaded too but
that's another story entirely. Ok then Rob comes over
and asks me to dance with him and proceeded to make me
BAWL. He hugged me and said "Sher, out of all Amanda's
friends, you're my favourite, I love ya" Good job Rob,
make Sher wail.
Yes, I realize this is a novel but anyhoo. Ok then
there was a wedding in the room nextdoor and their
wedding party crashed our wedding and one of the
bridesmaids caught part of Amanda's bouquet (she had
one that split into 5 different parts with fortunes
attached to each). I caught part of it too and my
fortune said "May you have love and romance always".
Anyways so Andrea (maid of honour) and Matt
(groomsman) all decided they were going over to steal
their stuff. It was all too amusing. Ok around this
time was when Paul was super drunk and went up to
congratulate "the lumberjack"- guy wearing a plaid
shirt. THEN we were on the dance floor and "Home for a rest"
came on and I can't remember if it was him or Shawn but one
of them threw me across the dance floor. Ok but the best
part was "Billie Jean" came on and Paul just GRABBED me and
really hmmm (dirty danced?) and decided it was his
"duty" to remove "the drunkards from the floor by
hipchecking them and he just labelled this guy and
then was going after him again but I stopped him
because I think the guy would have decked him. Paul
remembered none of this yesterday. He was missing
about an hour and a half. Oops. Then Amanda and Rob
left for their honeymoon and the wedding party went to
say goodbye and Amanda was wailing and got me started
and then everyone formed a ring around them for the
last dance and there was dry ice again and then we
formed a bridge and they went under our arms and out.
We stayed for another hour and a half after that and then I
went back with Amanda's parents and sister becky. As we were
leaving Scott came over and hugged
me and kissed me on the cheek which was sweet and then
Andrea hugged me and then Matt came running over and kissed
and hugged me- he was sooooo drunk (not like
Paul though). Yeah and then came the task of getting
my hair down- took me a flippin hour to remove the 64
bobby pins and I looked like an Afro queen but I just
crashed on Amanda's bed which just so happened to be
the evil pink thing from the apartment. It was good in
the morning when I showered and it settled down :)
Sunday: Mira et al were disorganized in the morning and
finally came and got me at 1pm. Then we had to go to
Richmond Hill and Debbie wanted us to watch Charmed with her
but we nixed that idea, went to Paul's and dropped some
stuff off. I fell asleep and conviently woke up in Ajax and
then when we hit Whitby we all started making fun of Bonnie
and we all decided we're all emailing her and telling her
how fun the wedding was and all that. Evil I know. So then
we went back to Peterborough, ate at Champs and left for
Ottawa. Got back to Mira's at 10:45. Loverly. I was so
tired but we vegged for another 2 hours before going
to bed. I'm silly I know.
Anyways overall it was a wonderful weekend. No
sleep or anything and I did manage to forget my bouquet in
Mira's fridge. I had to pick it up today. I wanted to dry it
and keep it just because it was beautiful and a wonderful
souvenir. Amanda's mom took tons of pictures too so she's
supposed to send me some which will be cool.

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