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2002-11-09 03:37:21 (UTC)

convo with Dave

Ok, I wanted to post the conversation that Dave and I had
today. It's kinda long, but if you want to read it I
would love to hear what you think about it. It also gives
you a real look into what Dave and I talk about. This
isn't quite a typical conversation, but it works.

g: good morning cutie
d: I was just looking at your picture thinking of you
g: I dreamed about you. I don't know what it was about
g: I think we were naked
g: I want to go get a mocha, but that means I have to put
clothes on.
d: don't go
g: ok, I can wait a bit.
d: so whats up with you today? still naked?
g: yep, naked and happy.
d: I'm jealous
g: so come on over and join me...
d: oh, do I wish I could
g: it could be lots of fun
g: brb
g: I had to put on clothes to go potty
d: :(
g: I'm going to get my mocha now since I put a dress on.
no underwear though
d: :)
d:you dirty little girl
g: I really wish you were coming over soon.
d: I know
g: :)
d: fuck, now I have a stiffy
g: I'm back naughty boy
d: :)
g: hope your stiffy isn't affecting you work... *evil
d: :)
g: *tries to look innocent*
d: oh you dirty little girl
g: only this dirty for you
d: I feel special
g: *pouts* come make me feel special
d: I'm sorry, I wish I could...
g: I have a mocha, I'll survive
d: everyonce in a while, I forget that you and john are
together the way our conversations go
g: yea, I manage to get crazy with you. just happens for
some reason. maybe it's some kind of sign
d: who knows... but the two of you are happy together, and
I don't ever want to be any part of something happening to
g: don't worry. it would take more than having fun with
you to sour things.
d: good
d: I really hope john is good to you... if you know what i
am referring to
g: yes, he has been good to me so far. he has one or two
annoying qualities, but I can overlook them.
d: it seems to work that way if you really love the other
g: yea, I love him.
d: :)
g: besides going to endfest the ony group I've seen live
was The Backstreet Boys
d: really????
d: any interest in going to Deck the Hall Ball?
g: I would love to go!
d: so far I have myself and two other people going...
trying to get a whole bunch of people to go
g: that would be awsome. I hope John wants to go.
g: if not, i'll go without him and he can get frustrated
over nothing.
d: really?
d: remember the last time this came up
g: yes, I remember. He had a chance to back out of
endfest...I would have gone no matter what.
d: ok
d: If he doesn't want to go, I don't want to start another
g: I don't want to start a fight either, but the way I see
it is that it is just a concert. It's not like I'm gonna
find some guy and take off with him,
d: exactly...
d: maybe he has grown up a bit
g: I'm trying to talk him into going
d: :)
g: doesn't sound like he wants to go.
d: :(
d: did you tell him i had invited you...
g: I told him I can pay my own way. He figures with fees
it's nearly $40.
d: yeah.. its about 40
g: I figure if I save out $10 for the next 4 weeks it's
not big deal
d: did you tell him that I was going?
g: no...
d: ok
d: I was suprised to have him say no if he did know
g: He said something about only knowing one group that is
d: ok
g: that would be why he doesn't want to pay that much.
d: jesus... ok
g: I know. he's kinda wierd sometimes
d: what a dork
g: I just don't want him pissed off at you for something
you didn't do. you are not making me want to go...
d: huh?
d: what did I do?
g: you are not forcing me to go. I want him to realize
d: oh
g: I would be going of my own free will
d: shit, I just think it would be cool if a bunch of
peopled got together and went down there
d: If you came, I would be stoaked, if not well... then it
would suck
g: he isn't as into group outings as me.
d: yeah.... I know...
g: it's all crazy
d: oh well
d: I hope one day we will realize what he is doing
g: that would be nice.
d: if you want to come/can...I would love for you to come
g: thanks. I'm glad I have you as a friend.
d: but if coming is going to cause static between you two,
g: I hope it doesn't cause static. I can't back out of
everything fun i want to do for the rest of my life simply
because he doesn't want to go too.
d: that is very very true... it would not be fair to
you... but I'm not sure if I will stick around for round
two of his bullshit
d: wait... there is no reason for him to even know that I
am going... so as far as he knows... you just want to go...
d: and I'm going... but I'm not going to say anything
d: two people just running into each other at a concert
g: that could work. maybe I could find someone else who
wants to go. maybe a girl.
d: hey, the more the merrier
g: yep
d: I really want to go sit him down and knock the crap out
of him and tell him to fucking relax or he is gong to
loose you
d: and thats not just me saying that... I was asking a
good friend of mine about this
g: I won't stop you if you really feel you need to.
d: it just really annoys the shit out of me that this even
comes up
d: and I am just a 4th party
g: it annoys me too, but it's just a part of John I think.
d: sometimes I even wonder if he cares about our friendship
g: he claims he does
d: I have to wonder...
g: I can see why
d: sometimes I think the only reason I am still friends
with him is so that he doesn't completly freak out about
us talking
g: you don't have to be friends with him because of me. I
like the fact that you two are friends, but I won't force
it on you.
d: If he actually showed interest in being friends.. I
might care
g: to me he seems to want to be your friend. I don't see
why he hasn't shown you.
d: the ticket was really cool of him...
g: yes it was. and he did like The Strokes.
d: I just get the feeling of he wants to be friends when
it is convientent to him
d: but maybe I am just seeing things wrong
g: I do not know. if that is the case then that's fucked
d: I don't know... anyways... enough of this crap
g: yea, let's talk about something else.
g: we can hash it out again later if you want. my head
just needs a break.
d: It just seems as though we have come to this juncture
too many times
g: yes, I guess we have.


g: getting drunk alone isn't as fun.
d: nope, not at all
g: do you want to come get drunk with me again? that was
d: yes, yes, and yes
g: ok, I'll take that as a yes
d: really?
g: YES
d: getting drunk with you is always fun
g: the same goes for you. maybe more people will be there
this time. so cal doesn't feel ignored, I felt bad she
was left with both of us drunk and her fairly sober
d: yeah... that was pretty funny
d: felt kinda bad
g: I felt bad when I found out she'd been trying to kick
me out for like a half hour
d: oops
g: oh well
g: the bottle of rum wasn't all gone yet
g: we had to finish it before bed
d: exactly... we couldn't leave it half empty
g: nope. that would be a waste of a great opportunity
d: almost alcohol abuse
g: HAHA, I didn't think about it that way.
g: I'm sure the rum thanked us
g: I still have that bottle...
d: cool
g: I wanted something from the first time I got drunk
g: I can't really keep you in my closet...
d: hehe
g: unless you want to come live in my closet...
d: no, maybe under your sheets
g: that would be heaven
d: thought you might like that idea
g: fuck yea!
g: it would be fun
d: oh yeah
g: I'll have to borrow Cal's inflatable matress to put on
my floor when you come.
d: really?
g: sure, why not? nothing wrong with it in my book.
d: nope, nothing at all
g: cal says I can borrow the matress and a couple blankets
d: :)
g: I'm quite happy too
d: good
g: maybe i'll get all the girls together for a drinking
night and then suprise them with you...
d: really... you would do that for me
g: yes I would.
g: I'd do anything for you
d: :)
g: you're too adorable
d: /*blushes
g: blushing just makes you more adorable.
d: well thank you...
g: you are most welcome
d: ahhh
g: yes...
d: I've been dazed and confused...
g: I'm guessing I might have had something to do with
d: oh yeah
g: good answer slave
g: I saw a girl with a shirt almost the same color blue as
yours today.
g: it reminded me of you and how much I like that shirt.
d: :)
g: would the 16th or the 23rd work better for you to come
over and drink?
d: let me look at my cal and I will get back to you
g: ok
d: what is making you smile?"
g: you
d: :)
g: I've enjoyed chatting with you today
d: me too

Wow, that was long. If you read all of that thank you.
Please let me know your thoughts on it.