Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-08-13 23:46:17 (UTC)


I finally figured this whole guitar thing out cuz Mom came
home tonight while Erik was playing and she tuned it as
best as she can with the really old strings and no
tuner...it sounds SOOOOOOO much better! And then she was
playing it and just from watching her the stupid sheets
make more sense now! I think I'll be able to play Happy
Birthday by the time tonight is over! I'm so glad I
finally started this! It was one of those "before I get
old" goals, and I got it done by age 14. Oh I feel really
good now! I wonder if anybody besides Kaitlyn and Jamie
read this. Hmm...If anybody else ever reads this, send me
feedback or something cuz I'd love to hear what people that
don't know me think about me even though that doesn't make
any sense at all. Oh well. I'm gonna go play my guitar
now!!!! :)