Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-13 23:36:30 (UTC)

short skirt and one really really loooooooong nail!

Have you ever wanted to grow one really really loooooong
nail on your pointer finger so you could just rest your
hand on your cheek and then just gouge your one really long
nail into your eye in hopes that in that short burst of a
moment that all pain as you know it will suddenly go away?
Ya know? In that moment you hope that...that you could no
longer feel pain, or sorrow, you will never be able to shed
another tear, and i could never get hurt again! Yeah! And
the short skirt thing, thats only a wish that I could only
dream of being as pretty as some of my friends to wear a
short skirt, i would love to look like mary or libby. Yeah,
I make it sound like all my worries and tears are going to
go away with a long nail and a short skirt! Maybe it is
that simple, maybe all i have to do is grow one really long
nail and a tiny belly and small butt and a nice set of long
legs that are pretty! i dunno! i am not happy with who i
am, i want to be someone that is anything but me on the
outside! With the exception of my eyes, i love my eyes,
they are my g-mas eyes! I ordered my senior pics today!
:-P blah! they look funny! but hey, thats me! ta da! yeah i
am done now! DANCING MONKEYS!