my life
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2002-11-08 23:54:09 (UTC)


i dont know when the last time i was in here cuz well im
too lazy to look at the moment. i had my party which was
cool but no one had to come watch the game to come they
just needed to be at the end to follow me home cuz they all
seem to forget how to there..sam just thinks they all wanna
come see here.hehe.:) i was supposed to go out tonight but
no one can decide what the crap they wanna do and i dont
wanna just barge in on some stuff already goin on so i
guess ill just sit here..oh yea..last weekend i got a cd
player put in my car and thank goodness cuz my radio was
goin out..it sucked cuz id have to hit it about 15 times
everyday so that it would work right, but now im happy.
everytime i think i might get a break with something it
just ends up blowing up in my face..why is that?? im not
gonna go into detail here but its been complicated but i
think im resolved with it now. i had high hopes for a few
weeks but then last week they were destroyed after i saw a
few things:( i guess this just wasnt my luck again for the
80th time..yea i exagerated but damn it thats what it feels
like. im just tired of everyone else gettin what they want
and bein completely happy and i get to sit here and see
what i want every day and know that it wont be mine. (this
is a guy problem if your not figuring it out) im not
jealous of them but they always have someone around to make
them happy and i am always just friends with people. id soo
be in a relationship if there was one to be had but no one
else ever feels the same as i do. i thought i might have a
chance there for a while but ive learned that itll never
happen. grrr..but i've kinda gotten over it well i mean i
still like the guy but im ok with us just bein friends
since theres nothin that i can do to change that :/ well i
think ive shared my problems enough for now..till next time

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