Al P.S. Tacos Rule
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2002-11-08 22:39:27 (UTC)


Im in a good mood.... and jess has been coming on alot so its all
good. wow i really dont know what to write. school was cool! we went
to the olive garden and i swear the best part of the meal is
breadsticks...But oh well. Hrmm... i havent been writing the past
couple days. I guess thats not good? lol hell i dunno. Well im
gonna go talk to serax's friend, i felt like a total moron
cuz i added her on my list cuz i dunno she seemed nice and
she was serax's friend anyway so im like ok ok so i added her. And
like... 2 weeks later she comes online and i forgot who she was so i
was like hey who is this?? lol, im such a moron! OH and i talked on
BNet, god the convo was so funny. Im gonna past it on my
website. I didnt get the whole convo tho :( i just did a
screenshot. ok, im editinng this cuz i feel like writing more. im
talking to jess YAY :D lol we talk about the dumbest things. we're
silly together haha, i told her that me and my mom were stealing the
olive gardens free bread sticks lol, LOL!!!!!! and she said her mom
stole salt and pepper shakers!! LOL, thats so hilarious. i remember
this lady from wendys was trying to hide one of those food trays in
her purse and she covered it with napkins. me and my brother were
laughing so hard we were crying. wtf was it, camoflauge? the napkins
were like barely covering the tray AND they were bright yellow LOL,
it was all in the shape of a tray sticking out of her purses it was
too funny. i swear she is so perfect tho, im surprised she's with me
lol, i seriously never met anyone nicer. to tell the truth, i had
been trying like the beginning of the school year. Cuz i was like let
me just try, not to go out with any girls, just to try to find a
nicer girl. Never did find one as nice as her. their all so like...
fake. and most are backstabbing bitchs lol, (no offense is a girl is
reading this...) but its just, shes perfect for me. im so happy :)