The End
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2001-08-13 22:57:57 (UTC)


Relationships are funny things. All kinds, whether they be
family or friends or work it doesn't matter. They seem to be
so much work. I don't understand people's need to make them
so hard.

It seems so simple to me. Do unto others, ya know? The
stupid golden rule. Why do so many people feel the need to
play games with other people? What is it that they are
missing in their lives that they think they can take from
others? Don't they get it? I guess not or this bullshit
would not be going on day in and day out century after

I guess then I have to choices. Be a hermit and live in a
log cabin in the middle of nowhere and live off the land or
find a way to keep my head above water while at the same
time showing people that it can be done. Tall order.

I think I am getting to old to keep this up tho. It seems
like such a waste of time and energy sometimes. sigh.