Bridget Cole

Bridget's Universe
2001-08-13 22:53:03 (UTC)


I have been having problems falling asleep lately. I toss
and turn for over an hour before I fall asleep. I couldn't
fall asleep last night so I finally got up around 1:00 am
and decided to have a snack. I stepped on a cat toy in the
hallway. The metal bell thing had a point on the back side
that poked right through the bottom of my foot. It hurt so
bad because it was blunt and not sharp. I sat there for 5
minutes before I finally got the nerve to pull it out.
Then I was bleeding like crazy. There isn't much you can
do for a wound like that on the bottom of your foot. After
doctoring myself up, I went back to bed never having the

Woke up around 7:00 to discover that I am out of coffee.
Found some old nasty flavored coffee in the cupboard. Yuck.

I was planning to take my car to the shop this morning but
I got a call from Renee asking me if I would cover for
Carla again at the gym. This makes the 5th time in a month
that Carla has called off at work. I don't know why they
put up with it. Despite my sore foot I agreed to cover the
11am class. I feel like such a pushover. I really need to
get caller ID so I can avoid answering these calls.

Carla's class hates me. I teach an advanced class and
Carla teaches beginner courses. I try and tone down the
routine for these cows, but they constantly complain that I
am too hard on them. Moooo! I guess I probably was
pushing them a bit today. Maybe they will complain to
Renee and then she will stop calling me in to cover for

Did some grocery shopping and got a veggie sub for lunch on
the way home. Got on the computer and chatted for awhile.
Saw Rich (clamdigger) online and we chatted for awhile. He
is back with his wife and he said they are trying to work
things out. Wonder what he was doing in the "Married But
Looking" chatroom then? I wonder how many marriages have
been destroyed by the internet? It didn't take him long
before he asked me if I wanted to get together. Rich is a
lot of fun, but his wife is a insanely jealous and
dangerous. Such a sad relationship. As tempted as I was
to see Rich, I told him no thanks.

Got an email from a couple, Brian and Karen, they answered
my personal ad. We have been exchanging emails for a
week. They live in southern Illinois and are going to be
in town on business in early September. It looks like we
are going to hook up for a weekend. Karen is curious and I
am flattered at the thought of being her first.

My printer isn't working. I spent some time
troubleshooting it. The problem is definately the printer
and not the computer or the connection. Saw a Lexmark
printer on sale for $34 in the paper. I am going to have
to break down and buy something.

Got an email from Natalie about the modeling job. I called
the client, an older Japanese fellow who is in the city on
business. He was very difficult to understand. About the
only thing I could understand for certain was "Titty".
Agreed to meet at his hotel Wednesday night for a 1 hour
shoot. This will be interesting.

Molly is rubbing up against my legs, she must be out of
food. Time to sign off.