Teenage Politics
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2002-11-08 22:08:23 (UTC)


Ugh, what a day. Not only did I NOT get enough sleep last
night because I was busy crying my eyes out about Timmy,
but I also sent out his letter today which is 9 pages long
I think. I thought for sure I was getting my letter today,
but I was terribly wrong, once again. I hope he really sent
it this time. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow. I doubt it
though. So I spent my whole day counting down the hours
until I could read this "bad" letter...and I get home and
it's not even here. Another 24 hours of agony. Sometimes
stuff just isnt fair. but that's life eh? I do have a good
note tho. I got invited to join yearbook staff next
semester, which means I will be walking around with a
camera permanently attached to my hands. This is going to
be cool. And And And..I get to go to this awesome yearbook
summer camp where they teach you all these new techniques
and you get to go to dances and things like that. I watched
Matt's Cd ROM movie of his camp days..it looked really
awesome. Thespian Convention is in 2 weeks. I'm really
excited about that, but we really need to concentrate on
our song we're singing for IE's. I mean.we've had two
practices. That can't be good. I really want to do well.
I'm sitting here looking at this picture of Timmy and it's
making me so sad. I hope he gets my letter tomorrow. If
not..he'll get it Monday for sure. I hope he wrote the
right address on his letter this time. Coach Carroll's mom
is in the hospital..I feel so bad for him. Im going to
write him a pick me up letter tonight so he doesnt feel so
bad. Tonight I'm supposed to hang with the girls...Im ready
for that. We need a night to let loose and have fun ya
know? We're always busy with Drama and things. I took some
Xenadrine today at school and it made me extremely high
strung and antsy. Not what I was expecting. My heart beat
is like 3 times faster than normal and Im all shaky. I
can't keep a complete thought for crap either.
Obviously...as you see how Im skipping from topic to topic
in my journal! :) Anyway, well I hope Timmy and I work
everything out. I feel really bad about everything that was
said between us last night...but I am still very hurt by
what was said and what has been going on. I bust my
ass....and I don't get much in return. MEN! Grr....oh
well..I know we'll be fine. Theres never a question of
us...just a question of how long it's going to take to
realize how stupid we both are being. Ah....we'll fix it Im
sure. One look from those perfect eyes and I'll melt anyway
right? Eh I gotta go...Im outta thoughts for the moment.

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