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2002-11-08 21:40:02 (UTC)


Well last night Max and Josh came over lol. which was
nice... Sara and i didnt end up going to sleep till 9..
ha, but anyways.. Max and Josh left us for the
weekend...... HOW RUDE!

I'm starting to notice that more things are changing and
for some reason im not to upset with them. A few people
were supposed to come up this weekend. BUt honestly to me,
it seems like so much has changed. and i dont know how to
act or what to expect anymore. It seems like no matter
what i do,, it will probobly never get what i want. so its
pointless for me to spend time wondering.. ah.... I miss
home,, but at the same time dont at all

MY STUPID sister just called and begged me to smoke her
up!! wtf man. lol....

So tonight we are smokin gweed and going to see JACKASS
the movie! its gonna be great... ill write more later bye

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