2002-11-08 21:39:47 (UTC)

Earache and Books

As soon as the rains started I began having an earache.
I'm using drops but it takes a few days for them to have
any effect and the pain is unpleasant. Still and all, I
can think of worse things to have.

One of the books I picked up at the library was Cheri
Saffiote's 301 Country Christmas Quilt Blocks. I love the
book and I'm glad the library bought it as the price is $30
but I was disappointed to find that I'll have to have
almost all the patterns enlarged 200% before I can use
them. I got lucky and found out the the local phone
company, whose office is two blocks away, will do it for me
for 10 cents a page. At 60 pages that's $6.00 but I think
that's the same price Kinkos would charge and I'd have to
drive 50 miles to go there so I'm happy.

I do have to drive to Corvallis late this afternoon to pick
up Owen and Gavin. Their haircut appointments are at 6:30
p.m. and they should be home about an hour before that so
that'll work. I don't know when they plan on going back.