This is where u want me to put the name
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2002-11-08 19:39:45 (UTC)

Pheasant Hunting

herm i havent written in here in awhile and im not gonna
like write about anything but today so u can just kiss my
ass. OO wat now! ok im lying im gonna wrtie about last
night too... yea so i was sposed to go to the tennet
powerpuff game at like 5 but i was soooooo tired so i took
a nap and had a fuckin scary ass dream...i have so many
dreams about people who like try to kill me its odd...but
anyways so after my scary scary nap i went to donatos with
tina erin n steph and ive decided that their pizza is
amazing....and then me tina n erin went to youth group and
it was pretty kewl..tina found chicken in her purse and she
was angered by it....ppl got pies in their faces...twas
funny...then we called some ppl...then they bullshitted
about depression bieng a lack of god and i kinda zoned out
lol. yea so twas a good night. today is funtastic even tho
its been a poopy poopy day. o wells...i got work
tonite...only like 4 hours tho...bloop.

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