Why smile?
2002-11-08 19:24:52 (UTC)


Wow, this is my first entry, Pretty exciting. My mom just
left, thank god. I was getting sick of her yelling. Now,
don't get me wrong, I love my mom and everything. Its just
I don't know. I just want to get out of this house!! I
can't take it anymore. I'm only 15 tho. What am I supposed
to do? I don't even have a car. Oh well, Guess I'm stuck
till I'm 18. School Sucks, I'm failing science. Its the
weekend and as usual I have nothing to do. Well, I have to
go. I must go give my sister her Shock Treatment again.
Thats the only fun thing to do around here!

::Yells:: "OHHH ASHLEY..." ::Holds Shockers::
::Screams and starts running:: "No Carley Not again AHH"
:: Runs after her w/ Shockers:: "You can run, but you can't
hide!! MwHaHaHa"(evil Laugh)