Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2002-11-08 19:20:22 (UTC)

Entry 1 of my Journal

At first, I didn't think I should write about what
goes on in my life. It's like a sad story that can't have
an ending.... It just goes on and on until you die and go
to heaven. And then you live forever. So I guess you can
never really die as long as you have God in your heart.
I'm not going to say too much about my past life...
it's so bad that everyone I know (including my family)
would hate me, and never want to see me again. I am Charles
Deason the fourth in my family. My father's name is Charles
Ricky Deason, his father is Charles Ray Deason, and HIS
father was Charles Odel Deason.... and me, I'm Charles
Robert Deason. Weird huh? But anyways, I'm 16 My ORIGINAL
birthday is Dec. 26th 1985, but I always tell my friends I
was born on the 25th.
I have a little brother he's 15, and a little sister
she's 11. For my family, I have a father, mother,
grandmother, great grand mother, a few cousins, and other
relatives too. Ok now for whats going on. My father is in
jail for a DUI, my mother and sister moved away to another
county here in Tennessee. (My parents were never married)
Right now, I live with my little brother, grandmother, and
great grandmother.
My house is..... well it's like a landfill in the
country. If you come over, you see garbage everywhere. I'm
the only one who still lives in my grandmother's house.
Inside the house is like garbage and clothes everywhere...
it's sad. But my room is like a door to paradise! It's so
tranquil and beautiful. How did my house get like this? I
can't really say. My grandmother and everyone else just
never really took garbage to the dump. No, We're not lazy,
We're poor as of right now. My grandmother is the only one
who provides for us. She has welfare. But all in all, we
get around 500 to 900 a week that includes odd jobs.
But it's not as bad as I say it is. It's beautiful all
around season! So there's always nature to make things
pretty. But right now it's fall, and I'm ill with
bronchittus. :( I've missed 3 days of school this week too.
I'll tell you a story about me skipping school some other
time. I think that's about all I'm going to cover as for
today. I won't be online everyday.... in fact I'm hardly
ever online, but I'll be back some other time.