Life Sux Then You Die
2001-08-13 21:39:25 (UTC)

Day: 38 (First Day Jitterbugs)

Its 8:46pm...listening to my celtic cd and sitting on my
bed, writing in my new notebook. *sighs* I have to go to
bed at like 9:30pm..:Þ I wanna talk to ben..i will
probably go on AIM after school and then type this all up
at night. Since tomorrow i know i wont have homework. I got
a few red bumps in my thumb..damn cactus...I am gonna write
in this notebook as my diary entries...and then i will put
them in my folder. I got new jeans today...they are super
long so they touch the ground even in my sketcher boots! i
am glad...i stopped biting my nails so now i finally got
some. stop biting my lip. Just out of the shower,
strawberry shampoo ^_^ ehehe yea backpack is friends wrote Penis, Wang, and some spanish on
it...9:02...damn half hour..i will write more in
school...bored..laying on my bed...pillow getting wet from
my hair .